Algae and the Evolving World

Introduction to the world of seaweed!

Seaweed farming has recently taken the media by storm, making a name for itself as a tool for reaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, a sustainable way to produce healthy food for coastal communities, and as an economic diversification tool for fishing communities facing the impacts of climate change. While this focus on seaweed and ways to cultivate it may seem like a recent development to us here in Maine, seaweed aquaculture has been evolving into the industry that we see today for hundreds of years.

In this unit we introduce seaweed in a biological, historical, and socio-economic context to understand why seaweed aquaculture is an important growing sector in the marine economy today.

A video (12:44) produced by MAIC about seaweed farming in Maine, what it’s like to be a seaweed farmer, and how you can get involved in supporting the seaweed industry. This episode of the educational series ‘Kelp’ Us Learn features Jaclyn Robidoux from Maine Sea Grant, Morgan Fogg and Jake Patryn from Nautical Farms, and Briana Warner from Atlantic Sea Farms. Video Credit: Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center. Available on YouTube: