Getting in the (sea)Weeds of Farming

For many of us in aquaculture, the hands-on experience of growing and tending a crop out on the water is the most rewarding aspect of the job. As with any aquaculture endeavor, gaining an understanding of how to set up your seaweed farm, use your gear, and tend to your crop is foundational for creating a successful business and getting you out doing what you love most. Reading through the prior units of this module perhaps you’ve had the thought, “yes, this biology, ecology, and history is all very interesting, but what about the practical applications? How do I actually construct a seaweed farm?” 

Well, breathe easy, your anticipated wait is over: it’s time to get into the weeds with the seaweeds and talk about practical aspects of seaweed grow-out. In this unit, we cover: 

  • How to construct a seaweed farm
  • Best management practices for tending to your seaweed farm
  • How to harvest seaweed 
  • Options for processing your farmed seaweed

Harvesting kelp with Maine Family Sea Farm Cooperative.

Video credit: Jaclyn Robidoux, Maine Sea Grant

NOTE: Before we get too ‘in the weeds,’ you should understand that the modules on this website are learning resources, NOT manuals. As was the case with the last unit, the sections in this unit are not manuals and are not transferable to all seaweeds. Detailed manuals and informational guides for cultivating sugar kelp and other seaweed species can be found at the end of each section.